Fridge voltage drop – A new challenge

With new technologies in deep cycle batteries, we are now presented with new opportunities. Some deep cycle battery options like Lithium allow us to take our batteries to voltage levels lower than ever.

Traditionally we had to keep our AGM and Gell batteries above 12.2V (50%)

Some lithium batteries will drop as far as 10.8V before cutout. At these voltage levels your 12V fridge will either shut down or run at very high current causing increased heat in your accessory plugs and internally in the fridge.

A new product from JTS allows you to safely run at a lower voltage and keep your fridge power at an efficient 12.6V. The Voltage stabiliser will convert your voltage from 11V up to 36V into a stable 12.6V supply up to 10amps.

If you are looking to get every amp available from your system give the team at JTS a call on 1300377128