3 Simple caravan / camping storage tips

3 Simple storage tips could make your next trip away more enjoyable than ever and, possibly save you some broken gear.

When holidaying, it’s tempting to load everything but the kitchen sink, and some of the custom touring setups even have that! (luckily, I think every caravan we see at JTS is equipped with a kitchen sink).

If your caravan is going to be subject to more cramming than a university student, you need to think about ways to maximise your space and minimise the clutter.

Coffee, tools, toiletries, food, clothes all rolling around the cupboards of your caravan or the drawers of your 4wd. Subject to abrasion, dirt, and dust. Rolling around as you travel the open roads.

In fact we think these simple canvas storage kits have so many uses that, by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have thought of new ideas we hadn’t even thought of, for this great collection of 3 storage products.

How to organise your caravan, camper or drawer system in 3 easy tips

Available from Jamie’s Touring Solutions, The canvas storage system is perfect for organizing your storage space when traveling and camping.

Each of the bags are manufactured from a strong ripstop canvas. Designed to last on long corrugated roads keeping your smaller items from rolling around the cupboard or drawer.

A clear plastic lid, sewn into the bag, makes it easy to see what you have inside each case. Strong and high-quality YKK zips help to protect your gear from dust, water, and dirt.

Available in 3 configurations: Twin Pack, Tripple Pack and the 4 Pack.

Twin Pack Canvas Storage Bags


Ammo Box Dividers-2 Pack Specifications

  • Material – heavy duty ripstop canvas sides
  • Clear plastic lid.
  • Zips – quality YKK fasteners
  • Quantity – 2 bags
  • Dimensions –  330mm L, 220mm W, 200mm H

Tripple Pack Canvas Storage Bags

Ammo Box Dividers-3 Pack Specifications

  • Material – heavy duty ripstop canvas sides
  • Clear plastic lid.
  • Zips – quality YKK fasteners
  • Quantity – 3 bags
  • Dimensions –  330mm L, 150mm W, 200mm H

Four Pack Canvas Storage Bags

Ammo Box Dividers-4 Pack Specifications

  • Material – heavy-duty ripstop canvas sides with clear plastic lid.
  • Zips – quality YKK fasteners
  • Quantity – 4 bags, 2 medium, 2 small
  • Dimensions
    • Medium – 330mm L, 150mm W, 200mm H
    • Small – 160mm L, 150mm W, 200mm H

As a bonus, the dividers fit snugly into the Ammo Boxes separating it into two sections, but can also be used to divide storage in a roller draw system in your vehicle.  The storage bags can be used for storing food items, tools, clothing, recovery gear, in fact whatever you need.

BONUS STORAGE TIP: Don’t underestimate ceiling space

The ceiling of your 4wd or Canopy is a vital tool in providing protection from the cold, rain, and drop bears. However, it’s about time it stepped up and had more than just one purpose. Use your imagination (or simply keep reading) and you’ll discover there’s plenty of uses for the trusty ceiling.


Internal Roof Nets or Soft Cargo Barrier Nets Fit up under the roof lining, secure to grab handles or similar. Ideal for pillows, jackets and other light bulky items needing to be stored away from dust and moisture.

Available in SMALL and LARGE

Everyone enjoys hassle-free trips and the Roof Net Large gives you one less thing to worry about. The net ensures that all your gear is secure and safe within the cabin of your 4WD, Up off the floow, clear of water indress during long creek crossing and away from the bull dust.

This lightweight but sturdy cargo storage net is strong ideal for all your bedding, clothes and more.

Roof Net Storage Small boab
Roof Net Storage Small