Camping over Christmas? Check out the latest in LED Camp Lights from JTS

No need to stumble around the campsite after a few sherbets this Christmas. The team at JTS have put together in one page our range of LED Camp Light Kits to help you choose the right light for your campsite.

GET IN FAST, Last Chance to get in time for Christmas

The Original and the latest, the Clip-on was first introduced by Jamie 5 years ago. The strong aluminium housing allowed campers with aluminium poles to take advantage of our magnetic LED Light Strips. Now with the Clipon#2 you can have the best of both worlds.

A Range of ready to go pre-built LED Kits

The most popular in our LED range is the single Amber/White LED Camp light kit. This kit includes the 66cm Amber White strip please a 5 mtr lead and inline dimmer. The magnetic back allows you to mount your strip to any metallic surface. The side of the car, galvanized tent poles or the side of your camper.

Need a power source from your LED kit? If you are tent camping and don’t need to run a fridge or if you want a portable light away from the main campsite then this this compact 7Ah battery pack might be just what you are looking for.

Add to your existing kit or build from scratch your way

We have a range of product to either add to your existing kit or to build your own kit up from scratch. Browse through the extra parts below to build you custom LED Camp Light kit.

No matter which was you decide to go the JTS LED range has tried tested and proven over the year to be gear you can trust to last. Using the same factories and contacts, constantly improving behind the scenes at the JTS, this is gear that won’t let you down.

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