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What is the correct size cable for my 12 volt system

CABLE LENGTH AND CURRENT CAPACITY GUIDE SHOWING CABLE SIZE IN mm² This page shows the comparisons between the Amperage of your circuit and the gauge of the wire require to carry the current. You may ask “what size wiring should I use?”, use this chart to determine the safest, most efficient wiring thickness, you should […]

How to wire up your Redarc BCDC 1220 or 1220IGN

redarc bcdc1225d ds2dc dcdc charger solar

Wiring up your Redarc 1220 or Redarc 1220 IGN DC to DC Charger is easy with these simple Redarc wiring diagrams. Looking for something EVEN EASIER? Check out the pre built 20Amp Power Easy. HOT TIP: Did you know you can can share this to your Facebook page for easy reference when you are ready.