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A complete DIY Dual Battery solution for your Nissan Navara D23 or NP300

One of the great reasons to own a dual cab ute as a modern 4WD is the huge amount of storage on offer in the tub. For this reason JTS Ute Back for the D23 / NP300 Nissan Navara DIY Dual battery solution is a stylish and space saving solution. Here is what one of […]

Landrover Discovery 5 Dual Battery System

The Original JTS Power Easy box is a truly universal dual battery system. When coupled with the E B-TEC Lithium battery it is a true powerhouse.In this Series 5 Landrover, there was the perfect pocket to house the Power Easy 25D, Powered by the REDARC Electronics BCDC1225D. The Power Easy 25D will charge fast, run off solar and keep […]

JTS Lithium: Frequently Asked Questions

Recently we have had a lot of questions about the new L-Series Lithium packs. Originally designed as a portable power solution for RV’s and Campers a lot of our customer have been thinking of new ways to use the L-Series. Can I use the L-Series as a dual battery? There are 2 ways to utilise […]

What is Active Balancing in Lithium?

Active Battery Cell Balancing Lithium With the majority of Camper trailer and caravan lithium battery manufacturers, there are 2 main ways to keep your lithium cells balanced. Passive and Active cell balancing.A critical role of the BMS is to monitor each cell in the battery stack. This helps to maintain a healthy battery state of […]

Power Easy 25D BCDC Charge Characterisitcs

Charge Characteristics of the Power Easy 25D BCDC1225D (A, B or C Profiles) The Most popular recently of the Power Easy Portable Dual Battery System is the Power Easy 25D powered by the BCDC1225D and features REDARC’s proprietary three-stage charging algorithm. If you like a more in-depth explanation of the Power Easy Dual Battery Charge […]

What is Green Power Priority?

redarc electronics manager 30

Green Power Priority is used to describe the priority given to a solar input when charging an auxiliary battery in your vehicle. For example, if a solar power input is available the maximum available solar power will be used before topping up the output charge current from another power source. Priority is given to the […]