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Landrover Discovery 5 Dual Battery System

The Original JTS Power Easy box is a truly universal dual battery system. When coupled with the E B-TEC Lithium battery it is a true powerhouse.In this Series 5 Landrover, there was the perfect pocket to house the Power Easy 25D, Powered by the REDARC Electronics BCDC1225D. The Power Easy 25D will charge fast, run off solar and keep […]

200 Series Landcruiser Fit Out with Lithium

This 2018 Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series has been fitted out with the best accessories on the market. Up front to protect the engine the team fitted a direction plus kit including the pre-fuel filter and catch can. The Direction Plus Fuel Pre Filter catches contaminants and water from your fuel and can save you engine. The […]

Dual Cab Cruiser Stealth Dual Battery System: Landcruiser 70 Series

70 series dual battery system

Dual Cab Cruiser Stealth Dual Battery System: Landcruiser 70 SERIES (2007 – present); Dual Battery and Solar System A JTS auxiliary battery system, allowing you to power just about anything you need from a 12-volt fridge to an inverter. Compact, safe and not taking up the room. This custom designed Dual Cab Cruiser Stealth Dual […]