DIY Vintage Caravan 12Volt: Meet Penny

Restoring a vintage caravan is not for the feint hearted. It takes comittment, ingenuity and patience. Kristen and Brendan can vouch for this in their journey restoring “Penny the Viscount” 

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creative 12Volt – Thinking outside the square

When it came to the 12 volt system Kristen and Brendan trusted the team at JTS to deliver a good quality system that would not break the bank.

JTS portable Power Easy System

The JTS Power Easy system fits the bill perfectly for Penny. When the family are travelling in the vintage caravan the power easy sytem sits comfortably under the front seats. A Redarc BCDC1225D keeps the battery charged when towing and regulates a portable solar panel when camped up for a week or more.

Inside is currently an AGM Deep cycle battery, with the Power Easy this can be easily upgraded to Lithium as the inbuilt charger is lithium ready.

vistage caravan 12 volt power easy system
More than one job

Like a lot of our customers at JTS Penny’s custodians live a full life. When they are not caravaning they will hit the beach or day trip. As such we wanted a solution that would be flexible with their lifestyle. Saving them money on having multiple systems.

new technology Meets old

One of the challenges faced, and this is becoming more common, is the tow vehicle changes. One vehicle has a low voltage electrical system and the older vehicle is a standard setup. The inbuilt BCDC charger has the ability to detect the 2 different vehicles and changes it’s charge profile accordingly. Making the “old girl” compatable with the modern world.

vintage viscount caravan 12 volt
Do it your way

Now with the Power Easy System installed it can be used as the caravan 12 volt system or as a dual battery for either of the tow vehicles. For a family trip with next vantage caravan meet or a day up the beach for a little fun, Brendan and Kristen have one system for three different vehicles. Saving them thousands of dollars in multiple installs.

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