designed and assembled in Australia

JTS Power Easy Lithium Dual battery System


The JTS Power Easy Lithium Dual Battery System is the ultimate solution for portable, plug and play 12V power.

Run your 12V Fridge and LED lights for up to 5 days without charging.

Extend your run time by adding solar or car 12V input (Cable Kit INCLUDED).

Each system is integrated with a REDARC BCDC1225D Charger.

These systems are hand built in our workshop at Landsborough QLD.

JTS Power Easy Lithium Dual Battery System Features

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Why is the Power Easy Lithium Dual Battery System the Ultimate 12V Solution?


The Power Easy Lithium Dual Battery System has a Lifetime Warranty on the Battery Box and Components excluding the REDARC BCDC1225D and Vision Lithium Battery.

Lifetime Warranty is only valid for Original Owner.

The Redarc BCDC1225D has a 2 year warranty.

The Vision Lithium Battery has a 3 year replacement warranty

Proof of Purchase must accompany any request for warranty.

Top 5 Features of the Power Easy Lithium Dual Battery System

Get Your Power Easy Lithium Dual Battery System Today For Only $2100




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Customers Reviews

Great source of power while camping. We set ours up with a 120ah battery and 150w redarc solar panels after a chat with Jamie. We run a cfx50, lights and charge phones when camping and have no problems at all.
Jamie Warner
I purchased the pack to replace the traditional dual battery setup in our Prado, so glad I did, less weight, portability if and when needed. Just spent 3 days on Fraser running the fridge plus camp lights without any charge input from solar required, would highly recommend this unit. Another bonus is you can see how many amps you are using on the gauge . When not in use in the car we use it at home to charge power banks/drone batteries/phones etc
Recently purchased as a backup power source for my 215l fridge. Worked pretty well and recharged quickly of a 150w panel. The 12v plugs are good quality. Packaging is good. Setup is lightweight

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my fridge run?

Fridge run time can vary greatly depending on size and climate. On average we would say a 100Ah battery will run a 40L fridge for up to 5 Days

Can I use a Solar panel?

YES, The Power Easy Lithium System handles up to 240W of Solar.

Connect UNREGULATED solar panel to Red Anderson at the rear or connect REGULATED solar panel to either Grey Anderson Plug at the front.

Can I charge using a 240V charger?

You must use a 240V to 12V Charger that has a Lithium Profile.

Use either of the Front Grey Anderson plugs to connect your 240V Charger.

You can also use the black and red terminals at the front to connect the alligator clips on your charger.

Can I install it myself?

Yes. The Power Easy Lithium is a perfect fit for DIY.

Get Your Power Easy Dual Battery Kit Today For Only $2100