Glow in the dark campsite: Light up the night

Finding your way back from the bonfire to your campsite can be treacherous. Add a moonless night and after a few lemonades things can get interesting. Light up your way with Glow in the dark campsite products. A little glow in the dark at your campsite goes a long way when you heading back to your tent, swag or camper. To add a little safety hidden inside a whole bunch of fun, these glow in the dark products will help create high visibility, illuminated lines and identify trip hazards around your campsite.

And did we mention adding a little teenage spirit and fun into the night?

Reduce trip hazards and help prevent injuries with glow in the dark tent peg markers. They will light up your tent pegs by providing an extra strong glow at night. The luminous disc will give up to 10 hours if glow after a full days charge in the sun.

Night Light Peg Marker ( PAIR )

Glo-X Round Markers can be used for a wide range of applications including trailers, caravans, driveways, night guidance, fishing, boating, camping, post marking and safety markings. Easily attachable by a screw, rivet or bonding. These glow in the dark campsite products are the ideal companion for when you are camping, hiking or backpacking. There is a glow in the dark product for just about everything, attach them onto your tent, tarpaulin, canopy or awning rope and position them anywhere, even to the zipper of your tent or swag.

Glow in the dark: Zip Marker

glo-x zip marker
Ideal tent camp site markerker, don’t loose yoor zip in the middle of the night ever again with the glow in the dark Zip Marker
Glo-X Zip Marker will change you campsite instantly, charge quickly with any form of powered or natural light and then illuminate for 10+ hours. Zip Markers can easily connect to any existing zip. With a wide range of applications available including tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and clothing, this zip marker is essential for use when locating a zipper in a low level light situation as well as being a powerless long lasting personal safety indicator.

Glow in the Dark: Guy Rope Marker

camp site markerGuy Rope Camp Site Marker | Don’t trip over your camp site ropes in the middle of the night again. Waiting to catch you out after you make your back to camp from the camp fire, this range of markers will light up your tent ropes keeping them out of harms way.

The Glow In The Dark Campsite Range: Can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Glo-X, Glow in the dark campsite markers can be used for a wide range of applications including:
  • trailers
  • caravans
  • driveways
  • night guidance
  • fishing
  • boating
  • camping
  • post marking
  • safety markings
Easily attachable by a screw, rivet or bonding. Around the campsite simply feed your camp rope through or even zip tie ( please use re-usable zip ties ) around the campsite.
Glow in the dark campsite
Glo-X Camping Aug 2017
These glow in the dark campsite products are Australian, the have been designed and manufactured in Australia to a very high standard, ensuring the product’s quality and durability.

Next time you go, transform your campsite from ordinary to FUN! With a little Glow in the dark campsite ger and creative thinking you’ll be hooked!

See the range of Glow in the dark campsite here: LETS GO GLO

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