How to bypass the IGN on your BCDC [Inertial Sense Module]

With the Inertial Sense Module you now have a complete, non interference solution for modern vehicles helping the DIY enthusiast stay away from warranty issues.

What is an ISM

The Inertial Sense Module is essentially a voltage sensitive miliamp switch that has a built in movement sensor.

In simple terms the ISM detects movement (from both engine vibration and acceleration) when attached to the vehicle chassis or body.

Once the input voltage is within operating range the movement of the vehicle or engine will provide a trigger signal to you DC Charger and initiate the charging cycle.

To active the battery needs to reach 13.2V (this will be achive with startup voltage from the alternator. While the module is mobile it will continue to hold open the signal regardless of the voltage. This makes the module ideal for low voltage “smart” alternators.

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NOTE: The ISM is designed for use specifically for the DCC Pro and not designed for use with any other product or in any other application.

What else can the ISM be used for?

Although originally designed for the DCC Pro, the Intervolt ISM can be used as a relay triger for a wide range of application. So long as the input switch requires between 2 – 5 Milliamps.

It is important to note the unit is only designed to work with the DCC pro and any alternative “hacks” are at the risk of the user.

Seen enough? Grab an INTERVOLT ISM from the team now.



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