Introducing the new Clip-On#2 – Two piece clip on LED Strip

Roughly 4 Years ago Jamie first showed us the Clip-On LED. The Clip-on came from our very popular Black LED Strips. Customers with aluminium poles were missing out on the power of the JTS LED Magnetic Strips. The Clip-on LED used the same popular strips inside an Aluminium tube, made, cut and assembled here in Australia. The one drawback in the design was you lost the advantage and versatility of our magnetic backed strips. Now with our new design, we can have the best of both worlds.


We have designed and machined locally an all-new clip-on housing for the JTS Magnetic LED Range.

The Clip-on#2 is a custom u-channel purposely designed for the JTS LED Black Strips. Laser cut and folded by a local team, the raw product is powder coated for long life and hand assembled by the JTS team. This newly designed house is designed to work with 2 different kits depending on your needs. The Brilliant White strip or the popular Amber / White combination kit.


JTS LED Clip-On #2: Amber White:

The Amber/White strip is the most popular in the range due to the versatility. The Amber White strip is 63cm long and has 3 light modes:
  • Brilliant White: Great for cooking under
  • Full Amber: Perfect to keep the flying insects away
  • Warm White: Use both modes at the same time to create a more traditional warm white light.

JTS LED Clip-On #2: Brilliant White:

The Brilliant white strip is 53cm long and features the one mode of light “Brilliant White” this is a bright cool white that is easy to see, ideal for cooking under it gives a clean vibrant light around the campsite and is the brightest of the range.

The Complete Kit by JTS

Both the Amber / White LED Strip and the Brilliant white comes in a complete kit including:
  • LED Strip
  • Dimmer
  • 5 mtr Cig Lead
  • New Clip-On versatile Housing


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