Is the new JTS L-Series Lithium System right for me?

You may have noticed a lot of activity about the new JTS Power Easy L range of Dual Battery Systems recently.

The L100-25 and L60-25 Power Easy systems utilise Lithium NMC energy cells to run your fridge, camp lights, inverters and gadgets while offroad. The L Series Power Easy range is undoubtedly a dual battery option, but it is not for everyone.

There is a significant difference between to the Power Easy DC range and the new L Series. The Power Easy 25D is all about the Redarc 25D DC Charger.

Power Easy L100 V’s 25D

There are two significant differences between to the Power Easy DC range and the new L Series. The Power Easy 25D is all about the Redarc 25D DC Charger.

DC Charges breath life and reliability into your dual battery system. They maintain your battery in peak performance and run through a series of complicated charge cycles to keep you deep cycle battery as healthy as possible.

The Power Easy 25D range can also be coupled with a variety of batteries including Gel, Flooded, AGM and Lifepo4 Lithium batteries and can comfortably run inverters up to 700watts (even higher if connect straight to the battery)

Power Easy Lithium from just $895.00

12V on a budget … BUDGET! It’s not a dirty word … (Skyhooks) 

The L100 Series of lithium systems is a true winner when it comes to short term limits to your spending. For the weekend warrior looking to save some cash and keep their system under $1000.00, The L-Series is the best bang for your buck on the market.

Lightweight, compact and portable

Weighing in at only 12kg the Power Easy L-100 is a genuinely mobile power solution. The slim body is only 9cm wide, 30cm long and 30cm high. If you have a compact SUV, small wagon or you need to lug power to your campsite this unit is worth serious consideration.

In-Car | 240V | Off-grid

The JTS L-Series lithium system can be tailored to suit your lifestyle. Permanent in-car installation for you 4WD or canopy, a 240V Charger to charge at home and power your campsite over the weekend or an off-grid solar generator for your tiny home, office, shed or cabin.

Easy DIY Fit

Being lightweight and super slim make the unit very easy to install. With all the power sockets you need to be built into the unit, there is nothing left to do.

The Power Easy L-100 is great for the DIY enthusiast and saves you money on installation costs.

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