Is this the Ultimate 4WD awning for a Dual Cab ute?

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What is a 4×4 (BAG) Awning?

A 4wd bag awning is a pretty simple bit of kit. This 4WD Awning basically a sheet that fixes to your vehicle at one end. The other end gets supported by poles. It couldn’t be easier, and what it gives you is a sheltered patch of ground next to your truck.

4 Great Reasons to consider the Dual Cab Bag Awning from JTS

Standard side awnings (like this one JTS AWNING) have been around for ages but when it comes to a Dual Cab Ute we think we can do better.

1. Dual Cab Awnings Need More Space:

At 3.5 mtrs long and 3 Mtrs deep this awning will give you 10.5 mtrs under roof. For a dual cab ute, that will get you entire tray under cover plus room for some chairs as well.

2. 4WD Awnings Must Set Up With Ease:

Easily set up by a single person, even in windy conditions, the Bush Company 4wd awning can be up in just minutes. Not just easy to setup, this systems packs away as simple as can be.

3. Must Be Versatile:

Being a bag style awning this  instant shade for your 4wd Dual Cab packs away into a 1.4 mtr bag the can be attached to any vehicle with three buckles loops.

Making it perfect to switch between you Dual Cab and Wagon for the side, rear or even for the back.

4. Aussie’s Demand Quality:

Steering away from the rest of the crowd these awnings have been imported direct from South Africa. Unlike many of the Chinese made awnings flooding the market, the JTS Bag awning is built to last in harsh environments.

For peace of mind the awning also comes with an Australian backed 2 year warranty.


The Dual Cab 4WD Awning is ideal for the Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-MAX, Navara ETC, infact any ute with a sports bar or head board. Stop looking everywhere for a big awning that would give the large covered area that was easily set up by a single person…. YOU HAVE FOUND IT.

4wd bag awning set up

Others came close, of course. You may have checked out the largest offerings from ARB, Roo and Ironman, and all of them do a side awning that’s 2 metres wide and 2.5 metres long. That gives room for a couple of you to sit in the shade, but if you start adding anything else – a cooler, or anything you’re trying to work on – it starts getting a bit tight under there.

Even the cheap throw aways. the lkes of 4wd supercentre, king and tigerz11, even though they are cheap they can’t match the versatility of the 4WD Dual Cab Bag Awning.

Get in the shade:

The bag awning gives a remarkable 10.5 square meter under roof. This is ample space for the wife, kids, fridge and more. Even a porta-cot for a the smallest will have room under this spacious area.

Lets face it … we dont go bush or beach in Australia to be cramped up in small spaces ?

What could be more Australian than a swag in the back of the ute? Easily set up on your sports bar this awning gives you all the room you need to get the most out of your ute deck.

Keep the fridge in the shade, roll out the swag and still have room for a few chairs around the tub.

one more trick …..

The final step will make the 4wd awning truly versatile …. the last pole gets fitted into the middle of the awning back wall, undo the three buckles and you can drive away leaving the awning step up as a 10 sqr mtr shade.