Jamie’s No.1 Product for 2019

Now Jamie does not take this post lightly, those of you who know him, know it takes something special for Jamie to personally get behind a product.

Jamie’s No1 New Product for 2019

G’Day, Jamie here, for those who have been following me for a while, you have probably noticed from time to time my knees aren’t the best. No use complaining but if there is something that can take a load off I will give it a go.

When I saw the new Tyre Spider, from Clearview, I was excited. The mighty Canter is running 37″ tyres so imagine being able to deflate all four at the same time while having a coffee. It is a no brainer for me.

What makes this product stand out?

I got really excited about this product for three main reasons. 

Quality: Recently I have seen some of the great gear coming out of Clearview and the quality of every product they launched really impressed me so I new the build would be spot on with this one.

A fresh idea to a real problem: I first tried out the Tyre Spider in tassie while filming with the Offroad Adventure Show and when I was using it I realised that I just had to have one on the canter.

Passion: I get a real kick out of passionate people and Mike, the man behind Clearview was obviously passionate about his design. Rumour has it that Mick came up with the idea while hauling Kenworth trucks out through Innaminka.

OK OK, So what does it do?

The Clearview Tyre Spider makes deflating and inflating your tyres simple and reduces the pressure on the knees, bending down at each tyre while managing tyre pressures. 

The Canister works as an equalising tank; you can connect all four tyres up at the same time and deflate from a single point. To inflate the tyres, you simply reverse the procedure.

The kit comes with a sturdy storage bag, every detail has been carefully thought out, or you can mount the equipment permanently. In the Canter, I installed the tank permanently and ran air to it through the Sherpa 4×4 compressor.

The Sherpa 4×4 is a perfect match for the Tyre Spider. The high air volume, 100% duty cycle and a motor that belongs on a winch, it is VERY impressive.

Keep an eye out for a full review coming soon.

100% duty cycle 4x4 winch

You can also use the spider without a compressor as a deflating tool quickly drop all four tyre pressures at the same time or in an emergency borrow air from up to three tyres to pump up a flat.

You may want to run more pressure in the rear than in the front. Perhaps you have a heavy load in the tray or a big van on the back and need a bit more pressure in the rear.

With the isolating taps, you can stagger your tyre pressure to any combination to your setup.

Stay tuned for the next post as I go indepth on how to use the Clearview Tyre Spider to it full potential.

Click below to check out the Clearview Tyre spider for your self, full specs and pricing information.

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Click below to check out the Sherpa 4×4 Compressor for your self, full specs and pricing information.

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