genuine anderson plugs

Have you been scouring the internet for the elusive “female” side for the popular Anderson Plug?

Now in stock is a complete range of Genuine Anderson Plugs at JTS. These plugs have been specifically designed as a female counter part to the humble Anderson Plug. Due to their unique design you can also use these Genuine Anderson Plugs as the male connector.

Now if you don’t get the joke let me explain it to you. The team at JTS have been asked countless times whether Anderson plugs are male or female or do we sell male or female ones. Anderson plugs are NON-GENDER and are both male / female or plug / socket. Genuine Anderson plugs are cleverly designed that they can plug into each other while keeping the correct battery polarity.

Have you every tried to “Flush Mount” your Anderson Plug? Check out this product where you can easily flush mount your Anderson Plug in a few steps: [Flush Mount Kit]

Check out the full range in stock now.