Keep Calm – Be Prepared DIY Shed Projects

12V bugount out cmping gear

Are you looking after your friends and family by staying home as much as possible? If so then first off we would like to say thank-you.

portable dual battery installed into 4wd wagon

A Great Time For DIY Shed Projects

Now is a great time to get on top of your DIY Shed Projects. Maybe your 12V system has been stretched to its limits this camping season and you are ready to upgrade.

The JTS Power Easy range is a great DIY Project for you to tackle. Get everything you need with a full home installation bundle kit.



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Complete cable kit for your dual battery system. Suits the JTS Power Easy and JTS Ute Back Dual Cab Dual Battery System


Ready to go the JTS Power Easy 25D will keep the fridge in your camper, 4WD or caravan topped up and ready for a weekend away.

Being portable it is also the perfect solution to back up your power at home.


FUSES, CABLE AND MORE Everything you need …


Are you ready to lose power at home? If you have a 12V Fridge Freezer then the power easy system is a perfect choice for you. When you need it simply unplug from the 4WD and run your 12V fridge as a freezer to keep you food frozen.

During the night keep you home alight with you camp lights then recharge the next day with your solar panels.

If you are ready to camp you are ready for almost anything.;