JTS Lithium: Frequently Asked Questions

Recently we have had a lot of questions about the new L-Series Lithium packs. Originally designed as a portable power solution for RV’s and Campers a lot of our customer have been thinking of new ways to use the L-Series.

Can I use the L-Series as a dual battery?

There are 2 ways to utilise the Power Easy Lithium as a dual battery. For a temporary fitment you can use the CIG Adaptor and for a more permanent arrangement an inline voltage stabiliser.

The CIG Adaptor: This will allow you to accept a trickle charge from the vehicles CIG socket to the Power Easy Lithium. The Cig Adaptor is designed for trickle charging and it not recommended for charging from deep discharge. Cig charge would normally be used to keep a full battery topped up while driving relying on the 240V charger or Solar to do a recovery charge when heavily discharged.

The Dual Battery Kit: This kit has been designed to adapt the Power Easy L-Series to a dual battery environment. The Stabiliser holds a steady voltage and 5 amps of charge regulating the charge current even when the battery pack is fully depleted. The pack also includes an automatic low voltage isolator and and 7mtr cable with Anderson plug.

Can I run an inverter?

Yes, the Power Easy L-Series will run a small capacity inverter, anything up the 10amp draw.

Why doesn’t the L-Series have an Anderson Plug?

The Power Easy L-Series is designed to run up to 10amp constant current draw, this keeps the cost lower and suits the needs of the majority of customers. As Anderson plugs are often use in high current application rated up to 50 amps we have removed them from the L-Series to take away the temptation of trying to overload the system.

For customer running Anderson plugs on fridges we have a Engel to Anderson adaptor for use with the Power Easy L-series Lithium

How do I secure the L-Series in the back of my canopy?

The most common method of securing the Power Easy is with 2 tie dons loops and a ratchet strap across the center of the box. Similar to the Power Easy 25D

I’m interstate, Can you ship?

Yes we have a freight arrangement for the Lithium L-Series Power Easy, give us a call for a freight quote, on average freight is $35.00 around Australia.

Do you have more questions? Give the team a call on (07) 5445 5930 or drop a comment below.

2 thoughts on “JTS Lithium: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Russ says:

    Jamie, if I want to use the L100 as a backup power source for an upright compressor fridge (215l Waeco). I don’t want to carry a generator.
    I’m concerned about the lightweight cig lighter cable not supporting a longer run. The fridge is max 7 amps, (average 4amps), but if I plug in via front trailer plug that’s a 3-4m run and weakest point is cable from L100 to Anderson plug? Is this a problem?
    Secondly the cig lighter doesn’t appear to lock in? so is this a possible loose connection.

    • jtsonline says:

      Hi Russ, you could use the L100 as a backup solution but I wouldn’t run of it permanently. For the 7 amp Draw, I would recommend running the power lead through an Engel style plug, this would give you the best connection. As it is for backup only I wouldn’t worry about making up Anderson plugs.

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