Landrover Discovery 5 Dual Battery System

The Original JTS Power Easy box is a truly universal dual battery system. When coupled with the E B-TEC Lithium battery it is a true powerhouse.
In this Series 5 Landrover, there was the perfect pocket to house the Power Easy 25D, Powered by the REDARC Electronics BCDC1225D. The Power Easy 25D will charge fast, run off solar and keep the Lithium battery ready for service.

Buy once and buy right, the power easy system can move with you for many years to come.

The Landrover Discovery 5 has the perfect cubby hole for a JTS Power Easy dual battery system. A cavity where the rear airconditioning would be in a seven-seater was the perfect place.

When Stripping down the Landy it was obvious this space would need some support to hold the weight of the dual battery. Even going Lithium it would still be too heavy without some additional bracing.

The Landrover Discovery 5 is a low voltage system, this means the vehicle has the ability to drop below 12.8 Volts while still running. In a traditional dual battery system this would result in the battery not receiving charge.

To ensure the B-TEC Lithium battery is fully charged at all times the Power Easy 25D is powered by a Redarc BCDC1225D. When connected to an ignition source the BCDC will continue to charge the Lithium 100Ah Prismatic cell.

To Keep the BCDC Running during low voltage modes use a micro jumper fuse to signal to the BCDC to keep charging. On this installation, it was Fuse #27 the tail and camera fuse.

It is important to confirm during installation that the fuse you pick is only live when the ignition is on. These fuse characteristics can change from model to model and should be checked every time.

The Original Power Easy system is versatile, flexible and one of the cheapest long term investments. Being able to easily move from one vehicle to the next over many years makes the Power Easy a smart investment.

To discuss if the JTS Power Easy is the right solution for your vehicle give the team a call on 1300 377 128

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