Is the L-Series Power Easy Lithium a Dual Battery System?

There are two ways of using the L100 systems, As a semi-permanent auxiliary battery or as a temporary portable auxiliary battery.

As a portable Auxillary battery you can either use the standard kit as is with just the 240V charger. In this configuration, you would fully charge you L-Series before going away. Run your fridge from the car while driving and when you set up camp plug your fridge into the L-Series with a suitable solar panel.

If you want to run your fridge off the L-Series while driving you will need an aditional lead to rund from the L-Series to your vehicles CIG socket. This lead is $50.00 for one mter and then $5.50 for each meter after that.

The CIG lead is intended for customers who will fully charge the L100 when on mains power and want to “top up” the battery when driving. This is the most common way the L-Series is used. 

As a “semi-permanent” installation (more like a traditional dual battery) we recommend fitting a voltage stabilizer through a relay to the grey Anderson plug. This will allow the nomad to reach 90% state of charge when driving and will be suitable for charging from dead flat.

It will also isolate the L100 when the vehicle is turned off and allow you to run DC charge and solar at the same time. This is also suitable for vehicles with a low voltage alternator. The semi-permanent kit is $180.00.

The L-Series Semi Permanent kit includes:

  • Voltage Stabiliser
  • Relay 40amp
  • 6mm Twin Cable (7 mtrs)
  • 3mm Blue (3 mtrs)
  • terminals and heat shrink
  • Anderson Plug
Voltage Stabiliser

FAQ about the L-Series Lithium Battery System
Will I need an adapter for the car cigarette socket: Yes I would recommend that. The lead is $50.00 made up to one meter. We can extend the lead to the length you need at $4.50 per meter. 
Can I charge directly into the Anderson plug via my alternator: NO …. The Anderson plug on the box is only for a 12.6V regulated power supply (this comes with the L100) To fully charge the L100 on 240V.
Can I charge from the car as well as Solar: The solar input is the 2 posts, this is also where you will connect the Cig lead. To trickle charge from the cig you will need to make sure the CIG socket is only active when the ignition is on otherwise it will flatten your start battery.  If you are using the Semi-Permanent installation kit you can run both DC Charge and 240V charge at the same time. 

Do I still need the 240V Charger:  YES… the L-Series is a lithium bank made up of different cells, to fully charge and balance the cells we recomend putting your lithium bank on 240V charge reguarly.

If  you have more question about the options above please drop me a call on 1300 377 128