Mazda BT-50 Dual Battery System Install

For this build we installed the following gear into this brand new Mazda BT-50:

  • Direction Plus Pre-Fuel Filter (with alarm) & Oil Catch Can
  • Slim Line Lithium Dual Battery System
  • Remote Socket Unit.

The GME UHF is a great unit for communications. The Direction Plus Pre-Fuel Filter and Oil Catch Can protect the engine from contaminates. If water is detected in the pre filter an alarm will sound. This gives you time to remove the water before it get’s into the engine. The dual battery system is using a slimline battery for power and is charged by the Redarc DC Charger. The system uses a Victron Bluetooth Shunt which allows you to determine the State of Charge of the battery. We also built a custom remote socket unit for easy access.

If you would like a system like this in your Mazda BT-50 please give us a call on 1300 377 128.