Provolt 190ah = Same Footprint


Are you looking at updating your caravan from the heavy AGM deep cycle batteries to the lighter Lithium LifePo4 batteries?

Some AGM batteries can weigh as much as 55+ kilos and with Lithium you are looking at weights of around 12-15kilos for a 100ah and then there are these 190ah batteries which weigh 17kilos. It certainly will help with the GVM of the caravan or towing vehicle. Or if you have one of our Power Easy systems, the light weight of the lithium makes it easier to remove from the rear of the vehicles.

A few bonuses with going with Lithium is that yes it’s lighter but you also can get more usable amp hours from the battery, faster to charge, and longer longevity from each battery. Depending on the manufacturer they can be laid on their side or end, great if you need to relocate.

Provolt has been on the market for a couple of years now and our “tried and tested” process has passed our test over and over. With so many battery suppliers “dropping in” to share their products we like to test them to the JTS way and if it fits for the purpose we will purchase more for our customers.
And if you don’t see it on our website we feel it doesn’t pass our testing. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad product just hasn’t done what we need it to do for our customers.

Updating from Lithium can also mean that your internal van system may need changing.
WHY is that?
* Lithium likes the correct charging profile.
* Volts & Amps. The old volt meter in your caravan will not give you the correct state of charge. Lithium requires a shunt to give you the state of charge in AMPS as a percentage.
* You want more than your warranty period. Most Lithium companies have between a 3-5 year warranty, but the batteries can last for over 2000 cycles which could be up to 10 years. By not changing your components to suit the profile, you could be shortening the possible lifespan of that battery.
* Old tech and new tech. At times the old tech simply won’t keep up with even the AGM charging & we also look at the age of the components to make sure if we are not changing that it will keep doing as it should.

Here at JTS12Volt, we pride ourselves on giving advice, customer service, and changing over items that are necessary to be changed. If the items are doing the right job for that battery profile & still producing what is necessary to charge the batteries we certainly won’t be advising to change over the system.

Original price was: $2,637.00.Current price is: $2,437.00.

Dual Battery Systems

JTS Remote Power Unit – BUNDLE

Original price was: $230.00.Current price is: $218.50.

Great business to deal with!! Super helpful, well informed and genuinely interested in their customers. I needed gear on short notice and they made it happen with no fuss. Very happy with my purchase its exactly as it was described. Thanks Guys!!

Mick Smith / Google