Purchasing Quality Gear can get tricky


Always check what you are getting..

We find it so often when customers come in to ask for assistance with fault finding within their own DIY installation that the cable size (internal) is incorrect to cope with the job at hand.

The image above is an example of what we are chatting about here. Customer was using the cables that came with the 1000w inverter and sadly the unit was “browning out” (turning off) due to current drop. The cable just wasn’t up to the task, but when we cut the cable you can see how much plastic was around the copper (right cable)

The actual internal size of this cable was 6 b&s size, not the necessary 4 b&s cable for the 1000w inverter.

Also don’t forget to get the correct fuse for your cable, don’t let the cable be the fuse = resistance and melting.

Quick tip when purchasing your next lot of cable. Ask them to give you the internal dimensions, this will give you the true ability of the cable you are purchasing. And if your supplier doesn’t give you those details freely then I would be cautious of what you are purchasing.

We stock most cable sizes and can be purchased per meter & if you are needing the internal size, give us a call. Happy to assist.

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Nicholas Broadfoot – Google Review

Great business to deal with. I had a problem with my caravan battery not charging and constantly going flat. JTS fixed the problem without an issue for a very reasonable fee. Since then no flat battries. They also suggested some other upgrades to make the system more efficient. Very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Happy to recommened. Thanks Nick.