Have Your Say – DIY and Technical Articles

We are super keen to hear your feedback in regards to what you would like to see them in the Technical and DIY section of the new JTS Website.

Every day we come across fake news on the internet in regards to products with counterfeit components, bad advice or good advice that is just plain confusing.

We want to hear from you so we can build the ultimate library of How to articles, product reviews and technical feedback. We have 2 ways you can contribute:

  1. In the comments below let us now what you would like to have included in https://jts12volt.com.au/technical/
  2. Drop in your name and email in the form below and I will flick you back an email so we can catch up in more detail.


2 thoughts on “Have Your Say – DIY and Technical Articles

  1. David Vevers says:

    Gday Jamie and Ben . I think a good article would be on the meters that analyse power coming in and out of solar panels. Me and a few mates were a bit confused about them. Dunno what do you think. Cheers Dave

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