Should I Remove My Dual Cab Ute Liner?

Plastic tub liners seem like a great idea. The idea of protecting your tub from scratches and damage seems like a great way to increase your re-sale value for your dual cab ute.

Most people don’t know that when you trade-in your car, the dealer can deduct up to $500 if it has a plastic tub liner. This is because they don’t know what is lurking underneath it, or the damage it has caused.

Tub liners are not all roses, not only do you have to put up with your cargo sliding every where with a plastic liner, but it also rubs the paint off, allowing rust to start destroying your pride and joy without you even knowing it.

Typically when adding a ute canopy or hard cover to your ute, you intend to own the vehicle for a long time and short term re-sale is not a high priority. For these dual cab owners a critical want is to have the tub water proof. When you remove your tub liner you will notice the front top corners of you tub is not sealed.

Now that the liner is out you can easily seal up these gaps to ensure you tub is more water and dust proof than before.

As most ute canopies and hard covers are there for the life of your vehicle and are rarely removed, just think of the dust and moisture collected through these gaps over the years trapped between the plastic tub liner and the the tub itself.

But I already have a tub liner?

If you had a tub liner when you bought the vehicle and you want to get the most from your private re-sale value here is a great trick. Remove your tub liner now, store it away and when you go to re-sell your dual cab you can give your tub a quick clean up and fit the saved tub liner, making the the back of the ute look like new.

Fitting out your Dual Cab ute:

One of the big advantages of removing the tub liner is gaining more storage space. This is particularly true if you are considering the JTS Ute Back System.

When you remove your tub liner, not only do you gain access the hard to reach corner of your tub for waterproofing, you also gain an extra storage compartment.

The JTS Ute back give you a clean shelf, reclaiming what is largely dead space in your dual cab. The section in-between your wheel arch and the tailgate houses a deep cycle battery, DC Charger, power outlets and battery monitor.

The extra compartment above the wheel arch is a great place to store some extra bits and pieces or a place to safely store your mobile phone, tablet or wallet when at the beach or camping. Keeping it out of harms way of sand, mud or dirt.

What are my options without a tub liner?

There are a number of great options when you choose to remove your tub liner. You can choose from a Spray Liner product like Raptor, A Full drawer system ( MSA have a great solutions for this ) or if you still want to keep the storage space in your ute then consider a good quality Ute Mat.

The EZI Reach drawer system is another master stroke that not only solves a lot of access challenges with a dual cab but also fits perfectly beside the JTS Ute Back system.