Have Your Say – DIY and Technical Articles

We are super keen to hear your feedback in regards to what you would like to see them in the Technical and DIY section of the new JTS Website. Every day we come across fake news on the internet in regards to products with counterfeit components, bad advice or good advice that is just plain […]

Winter Days – Hot Meals | Road Chef 12 Volt Oven

road chef 12volt oven

You don’t have to give up your inner chef while on the road anymore! The Road Chef 12 Volt Travel Oven is efficient, easy to use and compact. The solution to hot meals, on the road that you have been looking for. Bake, Roast or reheat while you travel. You little oven up to 180°! Travel the open road […]

Fridge voltage drop – A new challenge

With new technologies in deep cycle batteries, we are now presented with new opportunities. Some deep cycle battery options like Lead Crystal and Lithium allow us to take our batteries to voltage levels lower than ever. Traditionally we had to keep our AGM and Gell batteries above 12.2V (50%) Some lithium batteries will drop as […]

Landrover Discovery 5 Dual Battery System

The Original JTS Power Easy box is a truly universal dual battery system. When coupled with the E B-TEC Lithium battery it is a true powerhouse.In this Series 5 Landrover, there was the perfect pocket to house the Power Easy 25D, Powered by the REDARC Electronics BCDC1225D. The Power Easy 25D will charge fast, run off solar and keep […]

JTS Lithium: Frequently Asked Questions

Recently we have had a lot of questions about the new L-Series Lithium packs. Originally designed as a portable power solution for RV’s and Campers a lot of our customer have been thinking of new ways to use the L-Series. Can I use the L-Series as a dual battery? There are 2 ways to utilise […]

Camping over Christmas? Check out the latest in LED Camp Lights from JTS

No need to stumble around the campsite after a few sherbets this Christmas. The team at JTS have put together in one page our range of LED Camp Light Kits to help you choose the right light for your campsite.

200 Series Landcruiser Fit Out with Lithium

This 2018 Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series has been fitted out with the best accessories on the market. Up front to protect the engine the team fitted a direction plus kit including the pre-fuel filter and catch can. The Direction Plus Fuel Pre Filter catches contaminants and water from your fuel and can save you engine. The […]

Introducing the new Clip-On#2 – Two piece clip on LED Strip

Roughly 4 Years ago Jamie first showed us the Clip-On LED. The Clip-on came from our very popular Black LED Strips. Customers with aluminium poles were missing out on the power of the JTS LED Magnetic Strips. The Clip-on LED used the same popular strips inside an Aluminium tube, made, cut and assembled here in Australia. The one drawback […]