Variety Bash: Mackay to St Lawrence

It was an inspiring send-off for the 2019 Variety Bash. 339 “ready to roll” Bashers joined the Bash Car 775 team with everyone in high spirits as we started our epic 10 day, 3539km journey across Queensland.

A crowd of locals and curious onlookers turned out to cheer on the wacky road trippers as they set off from Mackay Breakwater, waved off by Variety grant recipients Emily and Brayden. 

The first stop of the day was Swayneville Primary School where a group of energetic students eagerly welcomed the cars and their crew. There was plenty of excitement as the kids spotted some familiar characters in the convoy like Dr Suess, Toy Story, The Simpsons and Cookie Monster just to name a few!

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Posted by Variety Bash Car 775 on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

After a warm reception at Swayneville Primary School, we made our way through the Sarina Range, taking in some spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. The morning took us a little longer but we had some fun getting some of our Bash cars up the range, so we arrived for a late lunch at Clarke Creek State School.

On the first day we traveled 385klm, into St Lawrence (a trip that is only 125K in a straight run) Camp was set up for the night and with a special grant presentation to the kids of St Lawrence State School worth $1,958.

The school has just 8 students with 2 students on an individual curriculum plan. These kids face challenges that make it difficult to produce work in written format.

Variety QLD does a lot of amazing work for the kids of QLD. The “Variety Bash” makes an immediate difference to many small rural businesses around QLD, each trip invested $$$$ thousands each stop along the Bash feeding back in the local economies..#yagottadoit #varietybash #varietybashqld #bashcar775 #charity #fundraiser #rally #adventure #fundraising @varietyqld @varietybashqld @getgoodhealth @getgoodgear

Posted by Variety Bash Car 775 on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Thanks to ALL the big-hearted JTS customers who contributed to our fundraising, the school was presented with new iPads and an iTunes gift card to purchase specialised apps.

The apps will enable the students to demonstrate their learning and understanding in a variety of ways outside of written format to meet the individual needs of each student.