We need to start taking this seriously.

JTS Support Australian Products for Australian Jobs

In recent years the 4WD and camping industry has been hit with imported products harder than ever. Now in serious economic times it is important to support Australian Industry.

Our focus moving forward

We will be focusing our efforts on a range of products that support the Australian industry with clear examples of how much each product contributes to the Australian economy, impacting on the Australian Market.

Our first product is our very own JTS Power Easy Box

  • Australian Manufacture:
    • Every 10 Power Easy boxes sold is another full time job saved. The Power Easy box is hand built in our Sunshine Coast store.
  • Australian Components:
    • At the heart of the JTS Power Easy is the Redarc BCDC1225D proudly manufactured in Adelaide.
    • The internal cables used in the power easy box are also Australian made.
  • Australian Supply Chain:
    • Even the small elements of the power easy box that are imported still contribute to the Australian economy. All components are sourced through local suppliers keeping as many jobs as possible in the country.

A Solution for everyone

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