Which Battery for Dual Battery Setup

Not sure what battery to use for a Dual Battery Setup? There is lots of options. AGM, Lead Acid, Calcium and Lithium are the most popular.

While each type of Battery has it’s own pros and cons, it’s important to make sure that you do not mix battery types. Linking 2 different types of batteries in parallel or series is not recommended.

Let’s look at the different types.

Valve Regulated Lead Acid

Three Types – Wet (flooded), AGM and Gel

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries contain cells which consist of two lead plates which act as electrodes that are suspended in diluted sulphuric acid which acts as the electrolyte.

AGMAbsorbed Glass Matt use a fibreglass mesh between the plates that holds the electrolyte.

Gel – Use a gel electrolyte

VLRA Batteries have a pressure relief valve. If the pressure of gas builds up inside the battery too much, the gas is released. This can happen when overcharging.

Calcium is also a VLRA Battery. Calcium replaces antimony in the plates. Calcium batteries require a higher charge voltage than conventional batteries


Lithium Batteries are not rechargeable, Lithium-ion and Lithium Polymer Batteries are rechargeable.

There are many different types of lithium-ion chemistry however the one type we recommend is Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4. It’s newer and a safer technology.

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