AGM – Lithium … what is right for me?

Jamie Hazelden in engine bay

Choosing the right deep cycle battery for your application can get very confusing. As technologies change the act of choosing something as simple as a battery seems to be more difficult than crossing the ocean floor from Captain Billy’s to Usher Point.

This is where the right advice can make all the difference when choosing not just “what” to buy but also “where” to buy.

There are absolutely no simple answers the question of “what is the right deep cycle battery for me?” but we do us a best to give you a few pointers below.

Calcium Deep Cycle: A great choice for the budget camper or 4wder who need a battery under the bonnet to run a fridge for a day trip up the beach or a quick overnight away. The calcium range of deep cycle batteries are an entry level price point and is often used with a simple isolator style system.

AGM: This was the go to battery for long term life. Able to cycle (use and re-charge) more time than a Calcium the AGM range is cheaper long term for heavy campers than the Calcium range and is the most common battery choice for caravan, motorhome and camper trailer manufacturers.

Although often used under bonnet it is not recomended for high temperature enviroments. The AGM range of deep cycle batteries are recomended to be used in conjunction with a BCDC Charger to maximise your return on investment.

Lithium: The rolls royce, silver spoon of batteries. The big strength of Lithium batteries is their weight. If you have a big van and you are pushing the limits of your combined vehicle mass then lithium is that way go.

Also best suited for for high current enviroments such as large inverter systems, a lithium battery bank can give you high amp hours and longer run time at a fraction of the weight.

The team at JTS have been educated to ensure our customer get not just the right battery but the right system over all to suit you individual needs. Don’t settle for a quick one size fits all, call the team 1300377128 the get the right solution for you.