Is Lithium Worth it?

lithium versus AGM Comparison

Whether you decide on the AGM or the Lithium the Power Easy with the BCDC25D is a great fit.

To help you decide on the pro’s and con’s of each battery technology I’ve done a little comparison below for you.

Lithium V’s AGM is not about “justifying” the price it is more about if the advantages are worth your investment. The “big” ticket item it the weight difference of around 20Kg which can be a major deciding factor for a lot of people.

Weight alone is not the only advantage, below we have done a basic comparison of some of the pro’s and con’s.

Data based on a Full River FRDC120 AGM V’s a Enerdrive B-Tec 125Ah Prismatic Lithium

Cycle Life:AGM 80% DOD Cycle life 350 – 480 Cycles LITHIUM: 80% DOD Cycle Life 2000 Cycles (4 times the cycle life)
Weight: AGM: 36Kg LITHIUM: 15Kg
Warranty: AGM: 12 Months LITHIUM: 4 Years
Battery Monitoring: AGM: None LITHIUM: Bluetooth to phone
Low Voltage Disconnect: AGM: None LITHIUM: 125Ah
Emergency Jump Starting: AGM: Yes LITHIUM: No
Price Comparison* AGM: $1,560 LITHIUM: $1,595
*The price comparison is worked out on a like for like basis, that is 2 x 120Ah Full River AGM (to come closer to the cycle life (840 cycle at 50% DOD)) plus a BM-1 battery monitor and a low voltage disconnect to protect the batteries from a full discharge.

What do we recommend? Ultimately we supply all types of batteries, including AGM and Lithium.

In my opinion, if you can afford the B-TEC Lithium it is the better long term investment. For customers who for any reason can’t stretch the budget that far a GOOD QUALITY AGM Battery continues to be a good option especially for customers who are happy to replace the battery every 5 – 7 yrs.

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