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Safely secure your smart phone to your mountain bike, trail bike, quad or vehicle with the JTS universal phone cradle with USB charging port.

Universal Grip Design

The cradle has a universal sprung X cradle that allows for a wide range of phones. stretchingup to 165mm wide the cradle will handle almost any smartphone.

Charge on the Go with USB

Built into the cradle of the Smartphone holder is a USB with power cable. Simply run the cable to a 12 volt power source to keep your phone charged on the go.

A great feature for trail bikes and quad bikes and handy for you 4WD giving you a new USB port and allowing you to hide the wiring for a clean installation.

Ideal for you Mountain Bike

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  • Universal for All Sizes of Cellphones
  • Safe and Convenient
  • Keep your Smartphone charged on the go with built in USB charging port
  • USB Port covered with waterproof cover
  • 5V/2A USB Charging Port
  • 360 Degree Rotation – Any angle or position
  • Adjustable Phone Holder – Up to 6.9 Inch width
  • Mount to the Mirror Stem
  • Mount to the Handlebar
  • Includes Motorcycle Phone Holder, Handle Mount, Mounting Bracket, Elastic Fixer, Extra Claws and Anit-Slip Pads

Genuine Anderson Adaptors

ANDERSON Genuine Connecter 50amp Red

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Genuine Anderson Adaptors

Genuine Anderson Plug Grey – Single