Winter Days – Hot Meals | Road Chef 12 Volt Oven

road chef 12volt oven

You don’t have to give up your inner chef while on the road anymore! The Road Chef 12 Volt Travel Oven is efficient, easy to use and compact. The solution to hot meals, on the road that you have been looking for.

Bake, Roast or reheat while you travel. You little oven up to 180°!

Jamie cooks up some chicken wings in the Road Chef

Travel the open road with Road Chef

Cook Your Meals While Driving

When you arrive at your destination you have enough to do to set up Camp. Instead a camp oven over the fire, with the Road Chef you can set and forget the while you are on the road. A hot meal ready for you when you arrive.

Because of optimum insulation of the Road Chef oven, minimal heat is transferred to the outside of the unit making it safe to use amongst your other gear.

Three 12 Volt Connection Options

  • Anderson Style (recommended)
  • Merit
  • Cigarette

Whatever setup you have in your 4WD or caravan the Road Chef will be easy to install.

  • 15 amp fuse protection
  • extra long wiring

Insulated Door for Maximum Efficiency

The Road Chef 12 volt oven, for more efficient heating, has been constructed with an extra layer of stainless to insulate the oven door and retained heat internally. The door is held securely shut while travelling with a front clasp to ensure the door will not open.

Adjustable Temperature Controls, Audible Timer and Maximum Cut-off Time

The Road Chef has an adjustable temp dial, making it simple and easy to choose the right temperature for your food. The full 180 degrees to cook a roast dinner or a lower temp setting to warm some pies and sausage rolls.

When your food is ready the Road Chef will notify you with a bell sound by the easy set and forget timer. No more burnt pies! With the 2 hr cut off time, this gives you peace of mind knowing that the oven will shut off on the unlikelihood of forgetting to turn off the Road Chef.

Removable and Adjustable Shelves

The Road Chef comes with 2 removable and adjustable wire racks. This is to optimize the cooking area creating the perfect space for whatever you are cooking.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Road Chef  is made from high quality stainless steel. This material is robust and durable for the conditions of the on the go lifestyle. Also being stainless steel it creates an easy surface to clean and it looks great.

With a 12 month warranty the Road Chef will be an essential part of your life on the road.  Specifications

Dimensions External320 x 280 x 190mm (WxDxH)
Dimensions Internal265 x 250 x 100mm (WxDxH)
Current Draw 8.3 Amp – 100 Watts.
Fuse Size 15 Amp blade fuse
Temperature Range50 to 180o C

Note: As this unit draws 8.3amps, it is suggested where possible, to hardwire directly to your power supply.  Occasionally some female plugs in vehicles are a loose fit which can cause overheating in the plug.  Hardwiring your unit will not void the warranty.