200Ah Lithium Offgrid system – 200 Series Landcruiser

4wd lithium deep cycle fitout

This vehicle belongs to a family of 5 traveling Australia. Instead of investing big money on an overseas trip they decided to see Australia without compromise. 

Travelling Australia in a Van this family wanted to be able to un-hitch for a few days and see some of the harder to reach areas only accessible by 4WD.

Mindful of the Australian bush they wanted to avoid carrying Gas and this system gives them the freedom to cook with an induction cooktop when in the bush.

No1 Question EVERYONE will ask ...

What did it cost?

We don’t discuss publicly what our customers have spent but I can say on average for a build like this you could budget between $6,000 – $8,000.

Price can fluctuate quickly with different brands, components and labour time.

I always recommend to my customers, don’t focus on what the system will COST, focus on what you can afford and we can build the right system to suit your budget.

At the heart of this system is the Enerdrive 200Ah Combo. This is the Gen2 systems from Enerdrive and features a “wake up” function in the battery the allows the BMS to accept charge if has been disconnected due to a deep discharge.

As a second level of security we have also added the Enerdrive Low Voltage Disconnect. This is the first line of defence and will discconect loads before the BMS cuts out. Having 2 levels of protection gives the best chance of trouble free touring while the family tours Australia.

custom lithium 4wd install

Expanding The System

The system has been designed by Jamie to give this family everything they need right now. With CIG sockets above the seats for the kids gadgets, Andseron plug and USB sockets in the rear.

However once on the road needs and wants may change. With this in mind we have fitted a 6 Gang fuse block so the system can be expanded in the future without any need to connect to the battery or change wiring. This minimises the risk of anything going wrong in the future.

Power Anywhere: 2000W Inverter

The Enerdrive 2000W Inverter is the beast behind this big install. This family wanted to be able to un-hitch from the van and go bush for days on end without concern. 

When it came to cooking they did not want to carry the added fire risk of LPG or butane. With advancements in induction electric cook tops the 2000W inverter will power a twin element induction cooktop giving them complete emission free and flame free cooking.

With the number of complete fire bands around Australia at the moment this system is both cutting edge and enviromentally responsible touring.

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