Ford Ranger Dual Cab Lithium System

More and more of our customers are investing in the end game. With technologies like prismatic lithium batteries 12 volt system now have the potential to outlast the vehicles they are fitted to.

With this in mind the JTS Power Easy system is the ideal 12 volt solution. Portable and adaptable it will work with you current setup and you next 3.

Enerdrive 125ah prismatic lithium

When investing in the long game it is important you back yourself with the brands you can trust. Couples with the build quailty you expectfrom JTS. The Power Easy lithium system is powered by the Enerdrive 125Ah Prismatic Lithium Powerhouse and the Redarc BCDC 1225D.

Suitable for both the Low Voltage Ford Ranger 12 volt system and standard vehicles, versatility is the key with this portable dual battery system.

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