How to service your Provent 200 Catch Can

Common Rail Diesel owners! At some stage inlet manifold deposits are likely to severely choke off air supply and necessitate an expensive ($1000 or more) repair bill.

Doesn’t matter if it’s Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, VW, BMW, Audi or other, the combination of exhaust soot (through the exhaust gas recirculation) AND oil fumes from the crankcase ventilation system cause deposits to build up.

The ProVent 200 is the only catch can we know of that prevents oil from crankcase fumes getting into the inlet manifold…and that means no choking inlet manifold build up.

One of the big reasons for its success is the coalescing internal filter, which sheds the oil mist. There are look-alike imitations, but only the genuine German made, Mann & Hummel ProVent 200 has this feature.

Highly efficient oil separation unit Designed and Manufactured in Germany.

Why choose a Provent 200?

  • Prevents  Oil and Carbon deposits forming around the intake manifold.
  • Stops oil build up in intercoolers.
  • Reduces motor oil consumption.
  • Regulates crankcase pressure.
  • Ideal protection for turbochargers.
  • Maintenance friendly: fittings are not removed during element maintenance.

Why put a provent 200 catch can on a brand new engine?

In order to comply with emission laws put in place to protect the environment, pretty much all modern diesel engines will have a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and some will have an EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). Although this technology has been implemented to decrease emissions, they can also be detrimental to your modern diesel.

The EGR can cause your engine to choke up through the build-up of soft carbons, due to an oily wet inlet manifold. However, this can easily be fixed through the installation of a Pro Vent Catch Can. The use of a Catch Can on a modern 4WD diesel will drastically reduce the oily fumes that allow these carbons to continually build up in the inlet manifold.

If left unattended, this oily gunk build-up will virtually choke your diesel to death. Once this filter system is installed, I advise you then have the inlet manifold system decoked.

Change your engine oil at intervals no longer than 10,000km or less.

When to service your Prevent 200 Catch Can?

The Provent catch can contains a stainless steel internal separator that should be changed every 20 – 40,000 klms depending on the the engine.