How to wire up a Dual Battery for a Ford Ranger

Is my Ford Ranger a Low Voltage System?

YES, The Ford Ranger is a low voltage system. Ford was one of the early adopters for this new “smart technology” Although some vehicles have had the low voltage turned off we still highly recommend running the IGN trigger and BCDC incase it is turned on again during a service.

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How to Ford Ranger Dual Battery

Assemble the DIY Ford Ranger Harness

In the JTS cable kit is the midi fuse holder with a small red cable. Fit the cable to one end of the fuse holder (small lug) [IMPORTANT: Do not fit the fuse yet] and the red cable on the 7mtr cable run to the other side.

Grab the JTS Midi fuse bracket, this will bolt to the side of the engine bay in front of the battery. Once the bracket is fitted to your Ford Ranger, you can mount the midi fuse holder and connect the positive cable.

Ford Ranger Midi Fuse Mount location

Do not fit the earth cable just yet, the earth cable and the fuse will be fitted in the final step with the midi fuse when the system is ready to be commissioned.

Ford Ranger IGN Location

As of this publication the IGN fuse location was fuse 28. As vehicles and models can change it is always recommended to test you fuse for IGN only before selecting the fuse location. It is extremely important that you check the fuse as  it can change with vehicle updates and model changes. The images within this article are only a guide and vehicle manufacturers can change the position or use of the fuses. Please use a multimeter to check prior to removing.

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How to Ford Ranger Dual Battery

Ford Ranger Dual Battery Earth

Ford Ranger Dual Battery Earth

Getting the correct earth on your Ford Ranger is critical. The battery earth point will ensure the onboard shunt can read the current being drawn bu the Redarc BCDC charger inside the JTS Power Easy box.

Run your Cable Under the Ranger

Slide the 8 Gauge twin core cable into the split tubing with the 3mm blue wire ready to run down past the chassis to the rear of the Ranger. Run the cable down past the firewall and under the ute.


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2 thoughts on “How to wire up a Dual Battery for a Ford Ranger

  1. Andy H says:

    Do you wire in a solenoid (Redarc or similar) switch after the battery connection with a fuse link to prevent the second battery sending the start battery flat when/if the voltage drops

    • JTS 12volt says:

      G’Day Andy,
      These wiring instructions are designed around our Power Easy box which has a redarc BCDC1225D built into the lid. this handles the voltage sensitive relay required to prevent the start battery from discharge. If your looking to use our cable kit to wire in just to a battery then yes i would suggest using a switched relay from ignition power. Are you building a system in your Ranger? please give us a call and we can discuss it with you no problems 07 5445 5930.

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